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Automatic External Defibrillators and How to Use Them

Automated external defibrillators commonly referred to as AED are lightweight and portable gadgets that send an electric shock through the chest of someone who has a problem with the heart and is suffering from heart attacker.Read more about Automatic External Defibrillators at aed regulations. What the device does is to address the electric shock through the chest to the heart. When the electric shock reaches the heart, it stops the irregular heartbeat allowing the heart to beat at a standard rate and that prevents the cardiac arrest that causes the heart to malfunction causing it to stop suddenly. If the cardiac arrest is not treated within a specific time, it leads to sudden death to the victim.

When the attack occurs, the victim must be treated or defibrillated quickly because any delay minimizes the survival chances for the victim. The AEDs helps the heart attack victims to respond to a medical emergency. Because the AEDs are portable, they can be activated by non-medical people who are out to rescue the victims wherever the attack takes place. They can be allowed to be used by any rescue team together with 911 prompt deliveries of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When used in the right way the device can help save lives.

An AED is a built-in computer that checks a victim's heart rhythm through some adhesive electrodes. The machine will give an indication when defibrillation is needed on the victim. What the rescuer is supposed to do after getting the rescue signal is to press the button.Read more about Automatic External Defibrillators at aeds . Once the device is activated, the shock is sent to the heart and stops all the activities of the heart giving a chance to resume the average rate of heartbeat. Even none medical people can use the device to help someone with a problem. So anyone in any rescue mission like the police can activate the victim's tool to help a victim from dying from heart attack.

There is no formal education or training required for the rescue person to be able to use the device. However, some guide is necessary to give the rescuer some confidence when using the method. At the same time, some sensitization is essential to help the public to know there is an existence of such device in case they are faced with a situation that may call for the activation of the same to save a life. That way they will be able to save lives of all those victims of heart attack who may need their help.Learn more from

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